Wellbeing & Sports Centre

Bringing the Unicorn to Life

Wellbeing & Sport Centre

To equip our young people for an indeterminate future, we need to help them develop a rich and robust sense of wellbeing.

Combine that with a pool that was end of life and a gymnasium that was noncompliant, and it became obvious that new sports facilities are vital for Scotch’s future.

We challenged ourselves not just to replace old for new, but to dare to replace the old with the bold.

With your philanthropic support for the Wellbeing & Sport Centre, we can achieve much more than just bricks and mortar; we can transform lives.

This new home for our wellbeing program builds towards the shared goals of physical, social, psychological and academic fitness will include:

Indoor, all-weather swimming pools

Indoor multi-purpose courts

New wellbeing hub

This centre will also provide learn-to- swim facilities for neighbouring schools and the local community, as well as opportunities for collaborative wellbeing research to take place with tertiary institutions, leading organisations, and global experts.

Through philanthropy we aim to raise $7 million to elevate the College’s investment in the project and help unlock the first phase of our Master Plan. The remainder will be funded through borrowing, to be repaid through the College’s modest surplus earnings over a 10-year period.