Campaign FAQ

Important Questions about our ambitious centenary campaign.

What is the difference between a Capital Campaign and an Annual Appeal?

Annual fundraising and Capital Campaigns play specific, critical and very different roles in advancing an institution’s culture of philanthropy. At Scotch, annual appeals are recurring fundraising efforts for specific projects, typically smaller in size and value. In giving to the annual appeal, our emphasis is on participation, celebrating every gift no matter the size. In recent years, we have seen the Scotch community of all ages, from ELC to grandparents, rally together to see us achieve 800-1,000 gifts each year and a range of immediate short-term projects delivered.

A Campaign is a multi-year initiative aimed to achieve extraordinary results. Capital campaigns are cyclical and help position the College for the future. As such, gifts to the campaign are exponentially greater than an individual or family’s typical annual contribution. DARE: The Centenary Campaign will support a new building facility and as well as build on the scholarship endowment. Our success relies on everyone to participate and give generously.

What is the Wellbeing & Sports Centre (WSC)?

The WSC is the first of three significant projects identified in the Infrastructure Master Plan that we intend to complete in the next 20-30 years. This innovative precinct will include an indoor 25m swimming pool; indoor multipurpose courts; flexible learning space, and classrooms; cafe; and function spaces.

Why is the Wellbeing & Sports Centre (WSC) in the Infrastructure Master Plan?

Whilst it is timely that our current pool and a gym are well past their lifespan, it is the College’s vision for our second century to ensure that every student to be “Scotch Fit” – academically fit, physically fit, socially fit and psychologically fit. We prepare our students and staff to develop a rich and robust sense of wellbeing to thrive in this ever-changing and challenging world of tomorrow. When we identified the need to replace the pool and gym, we DARED to go further to make sure that the new precinct would tangibly reinforce the well-established connection between physical and mental wellbeing. At a very pragmatic level, the WSC will elevate our programs and allow us to do things we could not do before.

What is a Scholarship Endowment?

The Scotch Scholarship Endowment ensures the long-term future of our scholarship program and allows us to actively support and advance the diversity and inclusivity of the student body.

Contributions to the scholarship endowment are invested to ensure the scholarship fund retains its value in perpetuity, and the scholarships created by the endowment are funded through the income generated by the endowment.

How much will be spent on raising funds?

We started this journey in 2017, when we set aside money from our annual operating budget to hire and establish the philanthropy team with a specific responsibility for DARE: The Centenary Campaign. With the College covering the cost of staff and program expenses,

every single dollar raised in donations will to go to achieve donor impact in the building or through scholarships. In the non-profit sector, the benchmark for expenses in raising funds over the life of the campaign is between 13-18% of the campaign goal. At Scotch, we expect to spend less than half of that benchmark, in large part because of the incredible level of volunteer support we have in our community.

Who will benefit from the funds raised in the Campaign?

Just like we have all benefitted from the philanthropy that purchased Torrens Park estate for future generations to use, many will benefit from this Centenary Campaign. The most obvious beneficiaries will be current and future College community, who will, along with their children and grandchildren, be able to use the facility when it is established in 2022. Other beneficiaries include future scholarship recipients and those that will teach and learn alongside them.

What is the timeframe?

Whilst we are currently awaiting planning approval for the WSC, there are several supplementary projects that are underway to make this larger project possible. This includes the moving of the Maintenance sheds and Blythewood Courts, the Campus Linkage Project and the redevelopment of our AG Science Precinct. We expect to complete the building in late 2021, open for use at the beginning of the 2022 academic year.

How can I contribute?

We invite you to make a donation that you can be proud of, to volunteer in the campaign and be an advocate to generously and sacrificially support the College through your time, talent and treasure. Please send us an email at for a confidential conversation.

Will there be any disruption to my child and me?

The College leadership team that have been planning for the disruption that a project of this magnitude – more than twice the size of Torrens Park House – will cause. That is why the facility is located on the southern boundary of our campus. The construction site will be off limits for the duration of the build, and we have plans in place for the hiring of off-site facilities to ensure that our current educational and co-curricular offering will not be compromised.